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There are many instances where a person wants to share some of his opinions but he does not have a proper platform. So, to solve the issue the Dunkin’ Donuts has provided a platform on which one can express their desires and the opinions about the company and their products, the website is known as TellDunkin.

Customer Support @ TellDunkin

Also, the company values the customers and takes care of the smallest details and they treat the customers very nicely. The company tends to solve all the problem which the customers come up with. The company is also critically acclaimed and the people are willing to go to the outlets due to the quality of food they serve.

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Moreover, the environment and the ambiance in the outlets are customer-friendly. The people love to go and enjoy the outlets and will not have a feeling of guilt after visiting them. The advertisements of the company indicate that the person who stays in America does not have to pronounce large and difficult names which makes their menu simpler.

These efforts made the people feel that the company is thinking of them and they accepted it wholeheartedly. Nowadays, the company is very active on the social media platforms and help the people in maintaining the reach.

TellDunkin has also collaborated with a shoe manufacturing company whose name is Saucony which made a shoe of Strawberry themed doughnut. It was made for a marathon and became a hit in some time only. To reach to more and more customers, the company purchased some sports teams, made stadiums, and also sponsored football teams.

But, there are several lawsuits filed against the company by some of the giants in the industry. Although, the organization is always there for the people and their customers are pleased with the services and the quality of food the company serves.

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