Review from Melissa

Dunkin Donuts in Villa Rica GA has consistently Up-Charged me at the window, with the same employee, Sabrina. Today, I ordered a medium frozen coffee (3.99) and was asked if I wanted to upgrade to a Large for .20 cents more. When I got to the window, I handed her a $5., she then said it’s $5.34 which is the price for a large. I said, no, I ordered a medium and you advised it would be $.20 cents more. She handed me the coffee and said oh yeah, hold on. This is my review at TellDunkin.

Then came back and said, “no, SHE was mixed up, we don’t offer that on a frozen coffee”. I said ok, I only have a five (dollar bill). I ordered a medium with you adding .20 cents. I asked for the manager who OF Course was not available.

Sabrina then said, “well give me the coffee back”. I handed her the coffee BACK almost in disbelief that ANY drive-thru would do that…(with my straw already in it) and said “Really? She F’up (oops) my order and I have to pay for it or give my coffee back??? I then had to demand my $5. back!! and left with no coffee. Who hires these people and RETAINS them. How many times has Sabrina ‘got you’ for extra money? Dunkin Donuts shouldn’t offer people things and then recant after you take a sip in order to make them pay more.

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