Questions Asked in TellDunkin Feedback Form

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TellDunkin is an official survey form from the Dunkin’ Donuts website which ‘helps in the process of the feedback. Also, the person who takes the survey procedure will get an exciting prize in the form of a doughnut. The customer will get the free doughnut once he completes the survey and visits the same store for the next time.

There are some questions about the TellDunkin survey process which are they trying to ask the customers. Moreover, the questions are based on several factors about the store of Dunkin’ Donuts, food which is served, and also about the services and the environment over there.

What are the questions asked at TellDunkin?

TellDunkin Feedback Form

There are some types of the questions which we will indicate in this post to mention what type of questions are present in the survey form of website.

  • Mention the taste of your drink or beverage.
  • Once you had placed an order, for how long you had to wait?
  • Is there availability of the products which the customer wanted?
  • The taste and the freshness of the food.
  • The friendliness and the environment created by the employees of the firm.
  • How many varieties of the doughnuts are available at the store?

So, these are the types of the questions which the company asks the people in the survey forms. Also, they expect that the company expects that the customers will also provide the correct information and will not mislead them. They will encourage you to have a survey or a feedback and with the help of this one can express their views.

TellDunkin survey is designed to take time to time details of the stores and the outlets. In this way, they reach to the customers easily and make their products in demand. This develops a trust in the minds of the customers about the products and the company and due to this, they will prefer it more and more.

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