Mary Bigelow’s Feedback

TellDunkin Feedback: Hi I went to store phone number 585-5417 4731 2255 Hudson Avenue Rochester New York 14617. Cashier trans secret number 167 6782 9 2018 at 4:19 p.m. First S40 they said they did not have any ordered egg white sandwich and they gave it to me on a wrap.

The picture showed an English muffin which I did not get and I asked for pretzel bites it showed salt on them with mustard. They had no salt on them this they said they had no mustard in the store.

I am not very happy at all, now what can we do to rectify the situation I would still like to come back there at some point but after having like 3 or 4 items not right you need to address this matter please that Mary Jo Bigelow 140 Maiden Lane Rochester New York 14616 585-953 0884. Please contact me as soon as possible thank you

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