How to Get Free Dunkin Donuts?

dunkin donuts

TellDunkin is the best way to get free Dunkin donuts officially. The multinational company Dunkin’ Donuts comes up with several exciting offers to maintain the customer base around the world.

It’s a fact that TellDunkin is attracting a lot of people around the country by promoting Dunkin’ Donuts at several events and various platforms. So, they came up with a new idea of providing a free doughnut to the customers. Yes, a free doughnut. But, a person needs to follow some steps to get to the free doughnut.

TellDunkin Survey: Get Free Dunkin Donuts

The person who wants a free doughnut needs to buy something in the beginning. Once he buys the things, he will get a receipt in which there is a code which is mentioned. Then, the person needs to take a survey procedure from the official website of the Dunkin’ Donuts and the survey is very simple and easy.

The person of any age group can perform the task given by So, once the person completes the survey process then, a code will appear and the person should keep a note of it. When he goes to the same outlet, then the person can get the free doughnut if he presents the slip.

But, you do not get the doughnut free until and unless you buy the medium or large size beverage with you. Once you buy this, then you can apply for the free doughnut. There is no restriction on the days if you come for the doughnuts. It is not that the company does not know about it. TellDunkin Survey is very well aware of it as they have posted this on their official website.

One needs to understand that he has to go to the same store for getting the free doughnut. Also, the customer who is taking the review should submit it within 72 hours only. If he does after the time limit, then the review is not valid and it does not count.

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