Feedback from Sandra

Here is my feedback at TellDunkin. Hi, I went through the drive at a Dunkin Donuts in Wesley Chapel/Zephyrhills area in Florida this morning and ordered 4 chocolate frosted cream-filled donuts and instead of putting these donuts in a box ,( which they have boxes that will hold 2 donuts, instead they threw them into 2 separate bags where they stuck to the paper that they picked up the donuts with} so when I got home all the chocolate that was on top of these donuts were completely gone.

Our weather here is still in the 90’s with a high heat index. I paid almost 5.00 dollars for these donuts???? This is unacceptable, plus this location is always out of everything as I tried to get a cup of milk and the supply truck was just unloading their supplies. They said they have no milk till he brings their items in. This is not a good way to run a business. If you are open , then that means you are ready for your customers? I’ve been their numerous time when the truck is just unloading supplies to them. I stop at many different Dunkin Donuts and this is the worst.

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