Feedback from Paula

This is the Second Time I have visited this location in Covington Louisiana, and both times It was a Huge Disappointment. This is my first feedback at TellDunkin.

First time I went to Dunkin Donuts in the spring, I ordered 1 dozen of mixed donuts, which I paid over $9.00 for. When I got home needless to say all where stale.

Over this past weekend, Sunday to be exact, I decided to give them another try, keep in mind 5 months later. Well bad mistake, you would think that they would have a selection of donuts to pick from but no not really. I asked them if they had anything in the back and I was told NO. Keep in mind that I went on Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m.

Having said this you would think that they would have a variety to choose from. When I got home the Donuts were fresh but the filling inside the donuts well they were none. Again I paid over $9.00 for a dozen mixed, waste of my money. I WILL NEVER GO THEIR AGAIN. HORRIBLE PRODUCT AND NO VARIETY ON SHELF.

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