Dan Brown Wants to Share Something

dunkin donutsThis is my review at TellDunkin. I was at Donuts Dunkin in hermitage.pa. This is. Tran seq.No. 6343486. 3 LG. Hot chocolate, 2 Lg. Hot coffee, 1 coffee roll. Well, the roll was fine. At least I didn’t hear differently. Hot Chocolate tasted like they forgot to add chocolate. Thrown out! My coffee was warm, and tasted like hot water!

Now I am called Dunkin freak! Because I will drive from my town, 15 miles to get Dunkin coffee. Also, I seek out a Dunkin while traveling, and use only Dunkin k cups at home. That being said I know what it should taste like. This is not an isolated case, but enough is enough.

Coffee is a very different tasting at different times in this store. Sunday morning at 11:00 I know is busy, the line was to the door! One cashier at order counter! Donut supply was very low. I was in there last week at around 3-4 pm, more people cleaning than waiting customers.

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