Complain from Randi Lynn

Today I went to Dunkin Donuts store #341663 in Deerfield Beach FL off Military and SW 10th street. This is my usual Dunkin before work almost every morning. I went yesterday to get an Iced Mocha and when I started drinking my coffee I had an aftertaste of soap. I am not a complainer so I just threw it away and made coffee at work. This is my second complaint at TellDunkin.

Today I went to get the same thing an LG Iced mocha drink and the same thing happened it tasted like soap. I decided to call the store and I did twice to inform them that maybe the employees are not rinsing the coffee bins properly or what but I had to throw away my second drink however they did not answer the phone both times I called. I called 954-281-1816 on the receipt.

Then while looking at my receipt I noticed they charged me for a hot coffee and donut which was not my order. I ordered an LG iced mocha and Egg n cheese on a muffin. I mentioned the issue with one of the girls at work and she had told me the same thing happened to one of our other employees at our office. I asked him and he said it was the same Dunkin Donuts and he won’t be returning. I will have to switch up my coffee choice in the morning. I love the Iced Mochas but not with soap.

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